Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a BEAUTIFUL butterfly

a BEAUTIFUL butterfly

I am a butterfly who sits within your neck
Sharing my beauty to awaken your cells
Certain conditions will trigger me to evolve
Won’t produce hormones that would make you feel bad.

Awakening you in the midst of the night,
Soaked with sweat and palpating heart
I can break your sleep and make you feel depressed
My presence will be felt by every part of your being.

I may rest for a while, but don’t think I have forgotten you
I am simply sitting on my throne to spread my wings as
I escort you through your journey.
Other cells will try to conquer my fortress, and cause me great harm
But still the poison persists.

Thyrotoxicosis,( hyperthyroidism ), hypothyroidism-
terms used by doctors to a disease that I cause.
You can take a thyroid pill, but you can’t focus without them
Radioactive iodine would also be a great help.

Although my wings can be clipped,
Still I am a beautiful butterfly, you can’t live without.
So you better take care of me, and maintain a proper diet.

“Signs are easy to miss; testing is a good idea”


  1. good poem. you illustrated the important information about your topic in a creative way. gOOd joB!! but for me the picture is a bit censored!! haha. you can crop it in a way that it looks more formal and wholesome. and the title of your poem is not been supported by the content itself because the poem talks about bad things that the butterfly could do.. hahaha. but then again, very creative and well done!!

  2. extravagant!! What a beautiful butterfly.. good job there mate..

  3. good poem. you have explained the signs and symptoms of an abnormal production of hormone of the thyroid glans, you have also said a few disease associated with it. over all good job keep it up ;p

  4. what a!!!
    very good good good,
    i cant say anything, im shock.

  5. well, what can i say, you were able
    to express it well and nice thoughts....

  6. haha! nice post! What a creative mind! this poem really caught my attention..

    nice job dia!

  7. A great poem, except for some typos and errors. Your topic has been explained well in the poem.

  8. Well done!

    For someone as young as you, I can see a lot of potential. I do hope that poetry becomes a passion for you too.

    Keep writing. Write about anything.