Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009

Hey guys, check out my list of Influential Bloggers, who continue to inspire me as a new member in this blogosphere, and I would like them to win as the Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers for 2009. This is my own little way to show how I appreciate their works and also to give recognition to their magnificent minds.

1. Zorlone by Doc Zorlone
- Dr. Z is a poet, who inspires us to do our own compositions inorder to inspire others in our own little way. The poems are great, he can talk about everything through his poems, evreytime I read his poems I get connected and am deeply touched.

2. The Struggling Blogger by Roy dela Cruz
-His blog is very informative, he can actually talk about everything under the sun. Anyone can relate to his blog, try to visit his blog and for sure you will enjoy it.

3. JenaIsle of Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
Jena Isle's Random Thoughts talk about EVERYTHING. She loves to write in order to share some knowlege with her readers, besides being a good mentor who is always there to give her support and love.

4. Father Blogger dot com by Angel Cuala
-Wheh! he got his PROBLOGGER book.Congratulations Mr.Cuala.
His blog features different family matters that would be a great help for those readers having difficulties in family relationships.

5.Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 by Kelvin Servigon

- Kelvin loves the world of technology and through photography he can express what he feels. Try to visit his blog and I can assure you that after reading and looking at his photos, a little smile of happiness will remain in your hearts.

6. Writing to exhale by Jan Geronimo

- Jan Geronimo's blog shows his passion and his love for writing. Through his "dynamite" articles, you can say that he has the passion to learn new things through blogging.

7. Tales form the Mom Side by Dee

- Her blog shows love and respect for women. I find her blog soooo interesting because of the topics she writes about. Try to visit her blog and for sure you will like it too.

8. A Walk in the Dark by Luke

-wheh!, the blog is extremely great, love the things he writes.
I think my vote for this blog is worth it.

9. It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine by Holly Jahangiri
- I really love the topics she writes about. For me she is truly deserving to be one of these Top 10 Emerging Influential Bloggers.

10. I Love/Hate America by Bingkee
- Her blog is so cool, love the way she writes and expresses her feelings. She features different genre in her writtings.

The above mentioned blogs for me are all great, I do hope that all these deserving blogs will win. Good Luck!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a BEAUTIFUL butterfly

a BEAUTIFUL butterfly

I am a butterfly who sits within your neck
Sharing my beauty to awaken your cells
Certain conditions will trigger me to evolve
Won’t produce hormones that would make you feel bad.

Awakening you in the midst of the night,
Soaked with sweat and palpating heart
I can break your sleep and make you feel depressed
My presence will be felt by every part of your being.

I may rest for a while, but don’t think I have forgotten you
I am simply sitting on my throne to spread my wings as
I escort you through your journey.
Other cells will try to conquer my fortress, and cause me great harm
But still the poison persists.

Thyrotoxicosis,( hyperthyroidism ), hypothyroidism-
terms used by doctors to a disease that I cause.
You can take a thyroid pill, but you can’t focus without them
Radioactive iodine would also be a great help.

Although my wings can be clipped,
Still I am a beautiful butterfly, you can’t live without.
So you better take care of me, and maintain a proper diet.

“Signs are easy to miss; testing is a good idea”